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Chesterfield residents understand change. In the past few years, you’ve seen the Chesterfield Commons undergo renovation, new outlets spring up all around, and the highway crews constantly working to improve I-40. 

Isn’t it time your home was paid the same attention? We think it is, and if you agree, you should get in touch with LSL Finishes today.

Regardless of your project, our painting experts at LSL Finishes are passionate, professional and dedicated to the finest painting services Chesterfield has to offer.


Chesterfield Interior Painting

At LSL Finishes, we believe in high-quality service at a fair price. We can help with painting projects ranging from new construction, to renovations, commercial painting and everything in-between.

From a new build to a renovation, commercial painting to flipping a house, our experts can help make your walls a prime feature in your home or residence. Whatever the color, whatever the design, we’ll help bring your envisioned design to life.

Chesterfield Drywall Finishing & Repair

LSL Finishes also repairs damage to restore a uniform surface on interior walls, including matching existing textures. We can recreate a seamless surface so that, after painting, the previously damaged spots are unnoticeable from the rest of the wall.



Chesterfield Commercial Painting

LSL Finishes has many years of experience with large commercial painting projects. Using industry leading spray equipment, our specialists can take the mess and headache out of the largest of jobs. 

We always ensure that our team members keep their work environment organized, and safe. We are fully bonded and insured so that you can have peace of mind with a paint job on a commercial scale.

Chesterfield Cabinet Painting

LSL Finishes has the right equipment and process to properly paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Its amazing how much a cabinet restoration can impact the feel of your room! Let our expert painters transform your space with a high quality new finish.

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